What We Fish For

Salmon, rockfish, halibut, and more.

Coho & King Salmon

2017 Regulation for King Salmon for non-residents:

1 kings per day. Annual limit: 3.

Size: Any. Average size is 20-25 lbs. 40 lbs. is large and 50 lbs. is considered trophy size.
Season: Open all season

2017 Regulation for Coho Salmon for non-residents:

6/day, no annual limit

Size: 6-20 lbs.
Season: Open all season

Sitka is on the great migration highway of salmon that occurs each spring and summer from the North Pacific Ocean to all the streams along the west coast of North America. Justifiably so, Sitka is often times referred to as “the best salmon fishing on the west coast.”

These salmon are mint-bright and feeding salmon (as opposed to spawning salmon), so they bite more often and at all times of the day. Feeders are stronger fighters, so come ready to meet your match. The fillets of feeder salmon are bright, the flesh is firm, the oil content is rich, and the taste is delicious.

We fish the way you are most comfortable with, from mooching to trolling, but always with light tackle. When you have a fishing story, the hookup is the start of the fishing adventure, the netting is the culmination, and the “reel” time is where the action is. The experience of our clientele on the Sea Roamer is that and more. With our light tackle, there are many twist and turns.


2017 Regulation for Halibut for non-residents:

1/day, no annual limit.

Size: 10-450 pounds. Up to 44 inches (40 lbs.) or over 80 inches (280 lbs.).
Season: Open all season

Halibut are typically found in the open ocean, in depths ranging from 150 to 600 feet. For halibut fishing, we set the anchor and fish the bottom. When the ocean is rolling you will really appreciate the Sea Roamer’s catamaran hull. You will be fishing in relative comfort compared to the typical charter boat, subjected to the rockin’ and rollin’ waves of Alaska waters. In addition, you will appreciate our custom heavy-duty rod holders that allow you to bring up the “bottom dweller” with relative ease.

The majority of halibut caught by the charter fleet and by the Sea Roamer are nice halibut, but smaller (under 50 pounds—but feels like 80!). The flesh of smaller halibut has a more delicate texture than the “monster halibut.” Larger halibut tend to be the breeders, which are critical to the future of the fishery.

It’s not uncommon for the “dock talk” and photo ops to focus on monster-size halibut. In our opinion, the reality of the catch does not match the hype. Keep in mind, that the biggest of halibut are quite rare. Our goal as fishing partners is to be upfront and honest with you about fishing options…and reality.

Ling Cod

2017 Regulation for Ling Cod for non-residents:

1/day, 2/year

Size: One at 30 – 35” slot, One over 55” (trophy)
Season: Open all season

Pelagic Rock Fish (AKA Sea Bass)

2017 Regulation for Pelagic Rockfish for non-residents:

3/day, no annual limit

Size: 3 – 8 lbs.
Season: Open all season

Non-Pelagic Rock Fish (AKA Red Snapper)

2017 Regulation for Non-Pelagic Rockfish for non-residents:

1/day (only one of which can be a Yelloweye)

Size:  6 – 12 lbs.
Open all season

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