Fish Processing

Fresh Alaskan fish for when you get home.

Our goal at Sitka Sea Roamer Charters is to ensure the quality of your seafood catch from our vessel to your home.

From the time your catch is hoisted from the pristine waters of Alaska until handed over to you at the airport, maintaining quality is our primary concern.

As soon as your fish hits the deck, they are bled and after the pictures are taken, the salmon are gutted, rinsed, and packed in ice and the halibut are filleted, rinsed, and packed in ice.

For that reason you will not see pictures of a deck load of warm fish un-gutted taken hours after the catch, lying on the dock in our photos gallery. Instead, the fish you will be serving at home will already be chilled, maintaining their just caught quality and ready for our professional processor once we hit the dock.

What our processor will do for you:

  • Cut your fish to your specifications
  • Vacuum pack, seal and freeze solid
  • Add each days catch to your fish box
  • On your day of departure, your fish box will be delivered to you at the airport


Fish processing for the first two 50 lb. fish boxes are included in Sitka Fishing All Inclusive and the Southeast Alaska Explorer packages. The Sitka Fishing package allows you the freedom to process your catch the do-it-yourself method or using our processor and you paying the charges directly.