Our Boat

Designed with you, the customer, in mind.

Sea Roamer Specs

The Sea Roamer is a custom-designed, one of a kind, 36’ long, 14’ wide, walk-around aluminum catamaran. The Sea Roamer was created for ease, efficiency, and smooth traveling. This vessel gets you quickly to and from the fishing grounds in a warm and comfortable cabin. Our catamaran hull slices through choppy waters with ease, ensuring a stable ride. It is a power pushing vessel, using a pair of Volvo diesel 310 hp engines, which reliably travel at 25 mph.

The Cabin

The spacious Sea Roamer cabin is heated with multiple options for seating providing variety in viewing, as well as dining, including a table for six. It is roomy enough for those who desire to stand during travel. A bunk is available for those who want to stretch out after a productive day of fishing. With comfort and ease a priority, a large, private toilet room (marine head) is conveniently located inside the cabin.

The Deck

While the interior of the Sea Roamer provides maximized comfort, the exterior boat deck is ready for action. Our walk-around fishing platform gives the fisher a full 360 degrees of space with a spacious 12’ x 12’ rear deck. Such broad space affords fishers ultimate stability and flexibility to move about while doing what we refer to as the “salmon salsa dance”; when the fish are jumpin’, and the fishers are spinnin’ and reelin’!